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This is kind of a sad blog for me to write and I’m not entirely sure how to start it off, but here goes. This last Thursday I had to inform the guys in my band All Hands Go that I was leaving and that they would need to start looking for my replacement. I wasn’t planning to quit right away but suggested that they have our bass player Gabe Paulson take over for me and keep Mike Irish as the bass player which I believe is what they have decided to do. If this is the a permanent line-up, I am unaware, only time will tell.
Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering why I left such a kick ass band. First off, I haven’t left. I’m simply no longer the rhythm guitar player. The guys in All Hands Go are fantastic musicians who are like brothers to me and I will continue to support them however I can. However, because of other priorities such as my family and work, I have come to the decision that I can’t currently give All Hands Go the commitment that they need to succeed. I have too many things at this point in my life that won’t allow for me to go on tour or make time for even the busy local concert schedule that has been the result of a whirlwind of growing popularity for All Hands Go and it would be unfair for me to hold back the other members of the band from accomplishing their dreams.
To the remaining active members of All Hands Go, I love you and will continue to stay positive and give you whatever support that I can. I truly hope you gain all the success your hard work has proved you deserve.
To the fans, I hope you will all continue to stay positive and see this not as a set back for All Hands Go but rather another fantastic chapter that awaits and please keep up all the love and support you have shown thus far.
Until next time, STAY POSI! – ALL HANDS GO!

5 thoughts on “All Hands Go – Commitments, Priorities, Life, etc.

  1. We love you man. You will always be a member of this band to all of us. We support you and your family just as much as you support OUR band! PMA

  2. Lamesauce man. Sorry to hear that. Can’t say I don’t completely understand, however!

  3. I know that was a difficult decision, Dave. And it took courage. I hope you keep writing and maybe this will all circle back one day.

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