Dave Redford – Down This Road Before [Free Download]

Original line-up of The Red Fords and only official photo shoot.

Back around the turn of the century I had a short lived Alt. Country band called The Red Fords. The band never managed to get into the studio, however I had some recording time at Audio Lab that I had worked out in trade so I decided to take some of the songs I had written for the band and put them out as a solo EP. The entire thing was DIY with of course the help of Steve Fulton at Audio Lab who mixed, mastered, and burned the discs for me. Album art (which I can no longer find) was printed at Kinko’s and I cut and put the the discs together myself. I think there is actually only about 50 hard copies of it in existence. I can barely stand to listen to this myself anymore, but thought it might be amusing to give away as a free download. It could provide a few giggles at least to those of you who know me. Anyhow, without further ado… DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE.

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