Welcome to my blog and thanks for all the cheese.

Well, this is it. I am giving this new media blog thing a go. As I’m sure anyone reading this knows, I’m a talker. I can ramble on and on and make the most exciting story epic and boring. So I really shouldn’t have any trouble keeping this site up to date, right? I will however try to focus on not actually boring the pants off of you, my adoring fans, readers, skeptics, whatever.

Anyhow – You have reached this site for a reason. Most likely, because I introduced you to it and you are either someone I know, or someone who currently writes their own blog – that I read. It is also possible that you have stumbled on to my website and found your way stumbling through its darkened passageways that lead here.

So thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll return. I hope I can provide a few minutes of entertainment to your day with my site. If you have any suggestions, comments, help, etc. please throw them at me.

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